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DEG_SCF_SKP2-CKS1_1 Degradation motif recognised by a pre-assembled complex consisting of Skp2 (an F box protein of the SCF E3 ubiquitin ligase) and Cks1, which leads to ubiquitylation and subsequent proteosomal degradation. ..[DE].(T)P.K 3 1 articles.ELM
DOC_CKS1_1 Phospho-dependent motif that mediates docking of CDK substrates and regulators to cyclin-CDK-bound Cks1. [MPVLIFWYQ].(T)P.. 8 1 articles.ELM
DOC_CYCLIN_RxL_1 Both fungal and mammalian S-phase Cyclin/CDK complexes recognize specific RxL docking motifs in their target proteins. (.|([KRH].{0,3}))[^EDWNSG][^D][RK][^D]L.{0,1}[FL].{0,3}[EDST] 31 7 articles.ELM
MOD_AAK1BIKe_LxxQxTG_1 Motif that is phosphorylated by the endocytic kinases AAK1 and/or BIKe [LIVM][^D][^DEHYWF]Q.(T)G 17 0 articles.ELM
MOD_ASX_betaOH_EGF ASX hydroxylation of some EGF domains. C.([DN]).{4,4}[FY].C.C 6 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CAAXbox Generic CAAX box prenylation motif (C)[^DENQ][LIVMF].$ 17 2 articles.ELM
MOD_CDC14_SPxK_1 A subset of Cdk phosphorylation sites conform to the (S)PxK/r pattern that serves as an optimal Cdc14 dephosphorylation site, allowing high catalytic efficiency. (S)P.[KR] 48 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CDK_SPK_2 Short version of the CDK phosphorylation site which shows specificity towards a lysine/arginine residue at the [ST] +2 position. ...([ST])P[RK] 18 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CDK_SPxK_1 Canonical version of the CDK phosphorylation site which shows specificity towards a lysine/arginine residue at the [ST]+3 position. ...([ST])P.[KR] 26 1 articles.ELM
MOD_CDK_SPxxK_3 Longer version of the CDK phosphorylation site which shows specificity towards a lysine/arginine residue at position +4 after the phospho-Ser/Thr

...([ST])P..[RK] 25 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CK1_1 CK1 phosphorylation site S..([ST])... 27 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CK2_1 Casein kinase 2 (CK2) phosphorylation site ...([ST])..E 34 0 articles.ELM
MOD_CMANNOS Motif for attachment of a mannosyl residue to a tryptophan (W)..W 24 0 articles.ELM
MOD_Cter_Amidation Peptide C-terminal amidation (.)G[RK][RK] 0 0 articles.ELM
MOD_DYRK1A_RPxSP_1 Serine/Threonine residue phosphorylated by Argininine and Proline directed DYRK1A kinase. R[PSVA].([ST])P 22 1 articles.ELM
MOD_GlcNHglycan Glycosaminoglycan attachment site [ED]{0,3}.(S)[GA]. 6 0 articles.ELM
MOD_GSK3_1 GSK3 phosphorylation recognition site ...([ST])...[ST] 22 0 articles.ELM
MOD_LATS_1 The LATS phosphorylation motif is recognised by the LATS kinases for Ser/Thr phosphorylation. Substrates are often found toward the end of the Hippo signalling pathway. H.[KR]..([ST])[^P] 23 0 articles.ELM
MOD_LOK_YxT_1 The optimal phosphorylation site of the basophilic lymphocyte-oriented kinase (LOK) and SLK that mainly regulate cell shape and motility. [KR][YF][^IVEDPGAC](T)[LMIVWFY][RKH] 5 0 articles.ELM
MOD_NEK2_1 Strict version of the motif targeted by NEK2 for phosphorylation [FLM][^PVIED][^PVID]([ST])[MLIVF][RKH]. 2 0 articles.ELM
MOD_NEK2_2 The more tolerant version of the Nek2 phosphosite motif [FLMW][^P][^P]([ST])[^PDEGAN][RKH]. 0 0 articles.ELM
MOD_N-GLC_1 Generic motif for N-glycosylation. It was shown that Trp, Asp, and Glu are uncommon before the Ser/Thr position. Efficient glycosylation usually occurs when ~60 residues or more separate the glycosylation acceptor site from the C-terminus. .(N)[^P][ST].. 156 1 articles.ELM
MOD_N-GLC_2 Atipical motif for N-glycosylation site. Examples are Human CD69, which is uniquely glycosylated at typical (Asn-X-Ser/Thr) and atypical (Asn-X-Cys) motifs, beta protein C (N)[^P]C 5 0 articles.ELM
MOD_NMyristoyl Generic motif for N-Myristoylation site. ^M{0,1}(G)[^EDRKHPFYW]..[STAGCN][^P] 50 7 articles.ELM
MOD_OFUCOSY Site for attachment of a fucose residue to a serine. C.{3,5}([ST])C 4 0 articles.ELM
MOD_OGLYCOS Site for attachment of a glucose residue to a serine. C.(S).PC 2 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PIKK_1 (ST)Q motif which is phosphorylated by PIKK family members. ...([ST])Q.. 48 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PK_1 Phosphorylase kinase phosphorylation site [RK]..(S)[VI].. 1 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PKA_1 Main preference for PKA-type AGC kinase phosphorylation. [RK][RK].([ST])[^P].. 25 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PKA_2 Secondary preference for PKA-type AGC kinase phosphorylation. .R.([ST])[^P].. 28 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PKB_1 PKB Phosphorylation site R.R..([ST])[^P].. 20 1 articles.ELM
MOD_Plk_1 Ser/Thr residue phosphorylated by the Plk1 kinase .[DNE][^PG][ST](([FYILMVW]..)|([^PEDGKN][FWYLIVM]).) 44 0 articles.ELM
MOD_Plk_2-3 Ser/Thr residue phosphorylated by Plk2 and Plk3 [DE]..([ST])[EDILMVFWY](([DE].)|(.[DE])) 3 0 articles.ELM
MOD_Plk_4 Ser/Thr residue phosphorylated by Plk4 ..[^IRFW]([ST])[ILMVFWY][ILMVFWY]. 7 0 articles.ELM
MOD_PRMT_GGRGG_1 A GGRGG motif recognized by the arginine methyl transferase for arginine methylation GGRGG 24 0 articles.ELM
MOD_ProDKin_1 Proline-Directed Kinase (e.g. MAPK) phosphorylation site in higher eukaryotes. ...([ST])P.. 38 0 articles.ELM
MOD_SPalmitoyl_2 Class 2 Palmitoylation motif G(C)M[GS][CL][KP]C 2 0 articles.ELM
MOD_SPalmitoyl_4 Class 4 palmitoylation motif ^M{0,1}G(C)..S[AKS] 6 0 articles.ELM
MOD_SUMO_for_1 Motif recognised for modification by SUMO-1 [VILMAFP](K).E 46 1 articles.ELM
MOD_SUMO_rev_2 Inverted version of SUMOylation motif recognized for modification by SUMO-1 [SDE].{0,5}[DE].(K).{0,1}[AIFLMPSTV] 20 0 articles.ELM
MOD_TYR_CSK Members of the non-receptor tyrosine kinase Csk family phosphorylate the C-terminal tyrosine residues of the Src family. [TAD][EA].Q(Y)[QE].[GQA][PEDLS] 12 0 articles.ELM
MOD_TYR_DYR The kinase activity of the DYRK (dual specificity kinase) is dependent on the autophosphorylation of the YXY motif in the activation loop. ..[RKTC][IVL]Y[TQHS](Y)[IL]QSR 9 0 articles.ELM
MOD_WntLipid Palmitoylation site in WNT signalling proteins that is required for correct processing in the endoplasmic reticulum. [ETA](C)[QERK]..F...RWNC[ST] 1 0 articles.ELM
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