The Eukaryotic Linear Motif resource for
Functional Sites in Proteins

o  Instance

Accession Acc. Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic PDB OrganismLength
ELMI003304 D2KU33 NbWRKY8
52 61 GIPKFKSLPPPSLPLSPPPF TP --- Nicotiana benthamiana 538

o  Instance evidence

Evidence classPSI-MIMethodBioSourcePubMedLogicReliabilityNotes
experimental MI:0096 pull down in vivo/in vitro support certain InteractionDetection
experimental MI:0519 glutathione s tranferase tag in vitro Ishihama,2011 support certain
experimental MI:0074 mutation analysis in vivo/in vitro Ishihama,2011 support certain FeatureDetection
experimental MI:0809 bimolecular fluorescence complementation Ishihama,2011 support certain InteractionDetection
experimental MI:0018 two hybrid in vivo Ishihama,2011 support certain InteractionDetection

o  Interactions

Uniprot Id Domain family Domain Start Domain End Affinity Min/Max (µMol) Notes
(B3IWK5) B3IWK5_NICBE PF00069 (Pkinase)
Protein kinase domain
63 345 [mitab][xml]
(B3IWK6) B3IWK6_NICBE PF00069 (Pkinase)
Protein kinase domain
63 346 [mitab][xml]
(Q8H0B4) Q8H0B4_NICBE PF00069 (Pkinase)
Protein kinase domain
46 330 [mitab][xml]
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