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Functional Sites in Proteins

Pathways linked from ELM instances

The following list contains those pathways annotated at the "Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes" (KEGG) database for which at least one sequence is stored in the ELM database (containing at least one ELM instance). Sequences have been mapped from Uniprot to KEGG and colored in the pathway according to a simple colorscheme.

TaxonPathway entryPathway name# Instances# Sequences
gga04520 Adherens junction 2 2
gga04210 Apoptosis 3 1
gga04625 C type lectin receptor signaling pathway 4 2
gga04144 Endocytosis 2 2
gga04012 ErbB signaling pathway 4 2
gga04510 Focal adhesion 11 7
gga04540 Gap junction 1 1
gga04912 GnRH signaling pathway 4 2
gga05168 Herpes simplex virus 1 infection 1 1
gga04010 MAPK signaling pathway 4 2
gga04137 Mitophagy animal 4 2
gga04150 mTOR signaling pathway 1 1
gga04621 NOD like receptor signaling pathway 3 1
gga04114 Oocyte meiosis 1 1
gga04914 Progesterone mediated oocyte maturation 1 1
gga04810 Regulation of actin cytoskeleton 6 4
gga05132 Salmonella infection 3 1
gga04530 Tight junction 4 2
gga04620 Toll like receptor signaling pathway 3 1
gga04270 Vascular smooth muscle contraction 2 1
gga04370 VEGF signaling pathway 3 2
gga04310 Wnt signaling pathway 4 2
Links redirect to the KEGG database with a color overlay corresponding to ELM classes.

Coloring is as follows:
CLV (cleavage site)
DOC (docking site)
DEG (degradation motif)
LIG (ligand binding motif)
MOD (modification site)
TRG (targeting motif)
multiple classes per sequence
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