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CLV_C14_Caspase3-7 Caspase-3 and Caspase-7 cleavage site. [DSTE][^P][^DEWHFYC]D[GSAN] 41 0 articles.ELM
CLV_MEL_PAP_1 Prophenoloxidase-activating proteinase (PAP) cleavage site ([ILV]-X-X-R-|-[FV]-[GS]-X). [ILV]..R[VF][GS]. 12 0 articles.ELM
CLV_NRD_NRD_1 N-Arg dibasic convertase (NRD/Nardilysin) cleavage site (X-|-R-K or R-|-R-X). (.RK)|(RR[^KR]) 2 0 articles.ELM
CLV_PCSK_FUR_1 Furin (PACE) cleavage site (R-X-[RK]-R-|-X). R.[RK]R. 13 0 articles.ELM
CLV_PCSK_KEX2_1 Yeast kexin 2 cleavage site (K-R-|-X or R-R-|-X). [KR]R. 1 0 articles.ELM
CLV_PCSK_PC1ET2_1 NEC1/NEC2 cleavage site (K-R-|-X). KR. 6 0 articles.ELM
CLV_PCSK_PC7_1 Proprotein convertase 7 (PC7, PCSK7) cleavage site (R-X-X-X-[RK]-R-|-X). R...[KR]R. 1 0 articles.ELM
CLV_PCSK_SKI1_1 Subtilisin/kexin isozyme-1 (SKI1) cleavage site ([RK]-X-[hydrophobic]-[LTKF]-|-X). [RK].[AILMFV][LTKF]. 2 0 articles.ELM
CLV_Separin_Fungi Separase cleavage site, best known in sister chromatid separation. Also involved in stabilizing the anaphase spindle and centriole disengagement. S[IVLMH]E[IVPFMLYAQR]GR. 4 0 articles.ELM
CLV_Separin_Metazoa Separase cleavage site, best known in sister chromatid separation. E[IMPVL][MLVP]R. 5 0 articles.ELM
CLV_TASPASE1 Taspase1 is a threonine aspartase which was first identified as the protease responsible for processing the trithorax (MLL) type of histone methyltransferases. Q[MLVI]DG..[DE] 2 0 articles.ELM
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